That some achievement if successful

Need for love is as strong as the desire to get laid

WHEN the hugely hyped cheap replica handbags Stringfellows lap dancing club closed its doors last year amid almost frenzied speculation as to why it failed, many people thought lap dancing was dead in the water in Ireland. But the industry which operated successfully here for many years before Stringfellow attempted to make his mark is alive and kicking, if grabbing fewer headlines. Model Katy French posing on a pole at the relaunch of a gentleman club earlier this year was testimony, if it was needed, that the lap dancing industry has not gone away.

When lap dancing clubs first opened to the public here they caused quite a stir. But the excitement and, yes, that excitement of the sexual variety high quality designer replica handbags wholesale among the eager punters cooled quickly when they figured out that when visiting these clubs they didn stand a chance of getting laid. So, for a while, the lap dance club became the demesne of lonely tourists, stag nights, and men trying to show off to other men just how macho they are during business deals or corporate nights out.

Meanwhile, during these years, the escort industry flourished cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk as the Celtic Tiger grew bolder and fatter. The Irish male was no longer embarrassed at the prospects of instant sex with Bambi faced Estonian girls with long legs and smooth skin. It was hassle free and OK to pay. Sex for sale was no longer in dodgy alleys or in the back of a car with women in desperate circumstances. The sleazier side of prostitution didn go away though it just crept more underground. The horrendous trade in trafficking girls mushroomed side by side with the new found wealth.

Meanwhile, a culture of horny lads, upwardly mobile men, or visiting businessmen getting together in an apartment or a suite in a four star hotel and in has grown. In this scenario, the men can drink all night, do piles of coke and the girls are young hot and flatter your ego: “Honestly, you so different than the rest of the punters!”

Sure, the girls cost a few grand for a few hours each 1:1 replica handbags high quality replica handbags china , but gone is the hassle of hanging around, trying to chat up some bird who might high quality designer replica handbags wholesale turn you down even after you plied her with drink all night. You are the centre of attention, you are the powerful one (or so you think!) and high quality replica handbags china you guaranteed a shit hot time between the sheets.

This is where the lap dance bar loses out bigtime sex is not part of the deal. You go to one, spend loads of money and get Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags all excited and then get sent packing with your excitement to deal with all by yourself! Of course, there are plenty of guys going to lap dance bars to enjoy a drink and have a look at some cute thing on the pole and then happily to go home to their girlfriend or their wife or even have their girlfriend or wife with them.

Small cosy venues with beer and lap dances starting at 20 a dance were the ones that always kept going. When a Dublin lap dancing club relaunched this year I was employed to help with the PR. Of course, I been to lap dance bars before, and had even brought a play Will strip for food into Dublin from LA which ran for six weeks and was a really interesting drama written by and performed by ex lap dancers.

The play was honest. Just five very different women with very different lifestyles and reasons and replica louis vuitton experiences of the lap dance industry. So, to once again find myself, even briefly, back in their world was interesting to say the least. Had it changed? Were the girls any different? Were the punters any different?

What I found was this the girls were the same. Only mostly Eastern European.

This works well here as they are good looking, and nobody knows them and they get to travel around Europe with a guaranteed wad of euros in their Louis Vuitton cases. There is none of this taking of passports or chaperoning them to and from work that supposed to happen. That may have happened in some dodgy places in more rural parts in the past but, luckily, no more. The girls troll the internet for clubs around Europe and come to various capital cities for a month or two and move on. They choose where and when.

On their nights off they can be found with all the rest replica louis vuitton bags from china of the glam Dublin socialites drinking in Cocoon and socialising in Tripod or Spirit or wherever. They want to make as much money in as short a time as possible, see as much of the world as they can, then go home. It replica louis vuitton bags beats back packing any day.

The clubs are still the same now as they always were same decor, same system, and they still feel the same. And the punters? They might be of my more desirable male friends have all had relationships with lap dancers. One came upon her working in Stringfellows and later found her in Spirit on her night off

slightly more cynical now, but, as ever, their rational brain quickly ceases to operate and that other beneath their Calvin Kleins kicks into action once the first lap dance begins. This then overrides any logical thought and takes total control of the purse strings.

Holy God , but the male of the species is such a sucker when that part of his psyche is calling the shots. But what was interesting was the majority of punters were young and very good looking. Not a grey hair or anorak in sight. Mind you, the challenge for these hot young males is to chat up the lap dancer and try and get her to go on an actual date with them on her night off. That some achievement if successful. What a boost to the ego as the lap dancer normally so out of bounds such a no no! But come to think of it, three of my more desirable male friends have all had relationships with lap dancers.

One came upon her, working in Stringfellows and later found her in Spirit on her night off that was a year ago, this year she having his child. Another came in to me in the club when I was working back in February, when across the crowded room replica designer handbags their eyes met and the sparks flew. She now lives with him and is in great demand as a model.

The other was but a brief liaison. He a hot young footballer, she a Cameron Diaz lookalike. But it 1:1 replica handbags kind of proves that the big challenge is pulling a lap dancer as a girlfriend. That what has all these young handsome males swamping these venues these days. They not just there to ogle bare flesh. Their sense of power is restored by their mating rituals. The need to be loved is as strong as the desire to get laid! Awwww.

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